If you were Hamlet, and faced with the current situations at hand, how would you feel towards those who have betrayed you?

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In the play "Hamlet", Hamlet is forced to deal with many complicated situations. His father has just recently passed away, and his mother is marrying another man- his uncle. He has just started seeing his father's ghost, who has revealed to him that his uncle has in fact murdered him. On top of all of this, the ghost has asked him to seek revenge upon his uncle. He is also having girlfriend problems, and has been forbidden to go back to college to further his education.

I believe that if I were Hamlet, I would feel a mixture of many emotions. Foremost, I would feel overwhelmed with the number of problems I was dealing with. I would also feel like I was being treated unfairly by my new "step father," since he wasn't allowing me to return to school. Since the death of Hamlet's father has only happened about a month ago, if I were him, I would still be in the mourning process.

The fact that I had started to see the father of my ghost would freak me out a little, and I might feel like I was going rather crazy.

As far as my emotions towards individual people, I would feel very alone. All the people whom I should be able to talk to and have trust in, have in a sense turned their backs on me. Towards my uncle, I would have feelings of furiousness and revenge. He was my father's blood, and should have been his best friend. I would be feeling rather depressed over the problems my girlfriend and I were dealing with, but there would be other things on my mind that were more important to me at the moment. As for my mother, I would feel mad, hurt, and betrayed by her. The person whom supposedly loved my now deceased father was marrying not just any other man, but his own brother.

Everyone in the world is forced to deal with difficult situations. With the exception of relationship problems, most of the hardships Hamlet is currently facing are not typical. The stress of these problems has seemed to make Hamlet a rather disturbing person. Luckily for us, our problems are less intense and we are capable of handling stress much more efficiently.