Iftar in the Islam Religion.

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Every year during the month of Ramadan people of the Islamic faith fast to follow in the footsteps of their prophet Mohammed. The main purpose for this month of fasting is to resist temptation. While fasting, they eat in the morning before sunrise and then don't eat all day until the sun sets and then they eat again. The breaking of the fast is a very holy time of the day, it is called Iftar. It is very important to break fast at the one particular time that the calendar says, this is why they have Iftar on campus in the University Center all month long for people that have class till that time, and for people who live on campus. I went to one of the Iftars with an Islamic friend.

When we got there boys and girls are seated on separate sides of the room and a separation is put up in between them.

They wait for the specific time that their calendar says and everyone prays together and then breaks their fast with a date, because that's what they used to break it with in the past, because it was copious. After that they all eat a big meal together. This experience helped me learn about a different culture, although I was the only person that wasn't Muslim there, I didn't feel awkward. The atmosphere in the room felt very community like. Being from New York you learn about various cultures, but this gave me the opportunity to witness one first hand.