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Overpopulation of Humans along the coasts causing reduced fish population

Man gets into conflict with his ecosystem every quite often. One factor that is for sure is that every action that man undertakes impacts either positively or negatively in one way or another on the ecosystem. Ecosystem in biological terms is referred to as the kind of the environment habited by a living thing. Man, or humans, can virtually live anywhere apart from underwater (Bradley, 2009). Man believes in being supreme over every other animal and that explains why as other animals adapt to their environments, man forces its environment to adapt to his specifications. In the history of man, it has been known that he lived in practically any type of environment. There are those who lived in the wet lands; all they did was to reclaim the land thereby making them habitable. On the other hand, there are those who lived in the deserts; here too, they tried to make them a bit habitable.

Man has even lived in the snow in the polar regions and just was the case with the men who lived in the other regions, here too, man tried making it more habitable (Joel, 2004).

In the ensuing process of reclamation of the land or the ecosystem to suit the specifications of man, the environment suffers a great deal. The environment, whether very harsh or conducive, is home to other animals. Encroaching on these lands and making them habitable for humans inconveniences the rest of the animals a great deal. The inconvenience may result in the animals reacting in diverse ways; these could be as diverse as some of the animals dying in mass thereby resulting in extinction of species (Kevin, 1998).

Man derives his food from his environment. This logical fact is responsible...