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MKT 5070 Managerial Marketing (Evening)

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Title of Assignment: IKEA Case Study

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IKEA, a major furniture retailer with Scandinavian roots, has changed the way customers shop for furniture. IKEA has removeda number of elements found in traditional furniture stores, including sales associates, which are present in high end furniture stores to push certain furniture, and assembly assistance of their furniture.

IKEA's furniture is designed for self-assembly to be completed by the customer in their own homes (Moon, 2004, para. 1). IKEA's customers start their furniture search by visiting cavernous warehouses, whereby the customers are directed through endless rooms displaying sample layouts of different furniture styles by following a planned pathway. Customers can even enjoy child care services or lunch and dinner as IKEA stores also include their own restaurant and child care center (Moon, 2004, para. 14).The IKEA self-guided tour ends at the warehouse pickup desk and checkout registers where customers load all purchases, big or small, to take home and assemble themselves (Moon, 2004, para. 31)."Most retailers in the industry are in the business of selling furniture, while IKEA sells experience -- from its...