Iliad by Homer To Live or to Die

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Robert Fitzgerald translated The Iliad, composed orally by Homer three thousand years ago. In this book the idea of "honor" was considered significant to the ancient Greeks and the Trojan. It meant the values attributed to a person by his clan and society. The quest for honor and the anxiety over dishonor often related. For the ancient Greeks the idea of honor in war involved the public acknowledgement of value and glory and through elaborate ceremonies to honor the heroes such as Achilles. The actual prizes themselves had meaning to Achilles, but even more important was the honor and respect which the people bestooned upon him. He was one of the mightiest Greekwarriors who fought in the Trojan War. People at the time honored Achilles' philosophy, which placed much emphasis upon a short glorious life over a long life with no glory at all. He won much honor and glory for a mortal that made his brief life meaningful.

It was this that also enabled him to stand out in his own and in other's eyes.

After Agamemnon took Bresies, Achilles decided not to fight because he thinks the other soldiers do not believe him to be the greatest warrior of all time and that it would be futile to take on Agamemnon. Because he will not gain any glory from a fight such as this, he decides not to. Honor is something to be earned, and Achilles believes that Agamemnon has taken away his honor by not listening to him, therefore also disrespecting him. He is a professional soldier, and a very good one. This meant that Achilles wanted things to be done his way and no other. Achilles believes that the universe revolves around him and that everyone believes that he is the best .One can actually...