Ill-formed millitary rights

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"We, the willing, are being sent into war - by the ill-informed to fight for the ungrateful". All soldiers fighting in any war have the rights to say this, so can the US army. There's always a meaning and mostly it is true. Every word and meaning that comes out of this saying is right and because they have their own rights.

"We, the willing" are those being sent to war to fight. All soldiers and maybe even local citizens are under this category. Of course no one would want to fight in a war, but some people have to do what they have to do. Some were meant to fight, while some are forced to. No matter the reason, you have to go in there and fight. These people, man or woman, are willing to sacrifice their time, life and energy for the cause. These people are being sent into war by the "ill-informed".

The "ill-informed" are those that do not have accurate information about the events that are happening. Some lieutenants, captains and generals do not even know what is going to happen or what is to happen at the front lines. They are just told to fight, to shoot and to bomb. Those are the orders they give to everyone under their leadership. The government or whoever is leading the war does not give enough information to even those fighting. No one even bothers to tell the soldiers what is happening. "The ungrateful" are those that want war and the individuals leading the war. They are ungrateful because they cannot find any other way of solving their problems and they have to put innocent lives in danger. Some of the "ungrateful" may be those that are too ignorant to get or take advice from others. They think...