Illegal Aliens

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Illegal Aliens There are a couple of t thoughts I have on t his issue. I am in favor on the laws already established in some aspects. I disagree with them in other aspects. Here in this essay I will tell you both sides from my point of view. I hope you will enjoy my work.

I am in favor of keeping the laws we already have because they were probably set for a good reason. Some people probably couldn't afford to move in legally. Some of them just want a nice life without harassment and racism. I think that these people are just trying to have a good life and start over. That is all they probably want.

On the other hand, I don't think that some of our policies are a good idea either. We are letting these people just freeload and not pay taxes like everyone else.

Instead, other Americans have to end up paying the extra money to make up for what these people aren't paying. And then, if we find one of these people, we can't say a word about it. We are just pushed away and told to forget about it. Some people are trying to be good citizens and help the government work better. Instead they turn us down.

If I could change the laws I would slightly play with them and not make dramatic changes. I am not going to just let them go. I will also not get everyone in the city hunting them down either. What I would do is if a citizen would like to, tell the city that they have found one of these people, and the town can tell who needs to be told and catch these people.

In conclusion, there are the ups and downs about are laws. People get to start a new life and get away from racial harassment. On the other hand, these people are living off of our money and aren't paying taxes like all the other citizens of this great country. It is time that these people get up and get registered as a citizen. Stop freeloading on as and act like a responsible adults, not kids.