Illegal Aliens - A Threat to Society

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Illegal immigrants are continuously invading our nation. The INS estimates that seven million illegal immigrants lived in the United States in January of 2000, and that number is still growing (U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2006). The fact that these aliens are constantly entering the country in droves is not a harmless matter. On the contrary, it is a ticking time bomb that has the potential to detonate with cataclysmic results. In order to quell this influx and cease the spread of the raging plague, a stricter enforcement of our current anti-illegal immigration laws is required.

One major reason why immigrants wish to come to America is money. Where they live, they are unable to make ends meet. The job opportunities here allow them to make more money with which they can provide a new life for their families in America or take the money they make back home.

However, this is not solving the problem, but rather moving it. The cost that illegal immigrants cause to working people in America is outrageous. In California, the state that tops the list of hot-spots for illegal aliens, taxpayers pay approximately 2.2 billion dollars annually to educate the children of people who have no legal right to be here. What is worse, these children cannot even obtain employment after graduation unless they obtain fraudulent documentation (Scott, 2000, para. 5).

In addition to the cost to educate children, the cost of their births is enormous as well. The cost to taxpayers in California alone is 352 million dollars for 96,000 births. Nationwide, taxpayers pay more than double that amount. Furthermore, since illegal immigrants have no trouble getting on welfare, taxpayers pay approximately 1 billion dollars every year to support illegal immigrants with children. Incarceration of illegal aliens is also expensive, costing...