Illegal Immigrants My opinion on illegal immigrants and America's reaction to losing their jobs to them. Note that this essay is an opinion and favors the immigrants.

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Let's face it: America has an illegal immigrant problem. I think we should be proud of that. People love our country so much that they want to come here to seek better lives. Of course, let's not flatter ourselves. Many people dislike America. The other day I was watching the news when I heard something about illegal immigrants. Supposedly, if my story is correct, WalMart is being sued for under-paying illegal immigrants at their stores. I think that WalMart deserves to get sued. This is America, where everybody is to be treated equally. I'm not saying the illegal immigrants haven't done wrong by coming into the country illegally, but they do deserve equal rights.

Some people argue that the workers don't deserve to get paid the same wage as Americans because they came into the country illegally, and they don't belong here to begin with. Saying that is like arguing that a person trapped in a well doesn't deserve to get rescued because the person shouldn't have been playing there in the first place.

Maybe some were scared that they would get denied access to America because of racial or religious prejudice. During this time and what is going around in the world today, they have every right to be scared.

Others argue that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from Americans. They are given the job. If WalMart chose to hire immigrants over Americans then there's probably a good reason for it. If you lose your job to an immigrant, it's probably because the immigrant is willing to work harder and for less pay. If they do equal work then they definitely deserve equal pay!

Maybe Americans are too lazy to put up with some competition. Who is going to want to pay...