Illegal Immigration

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America is currently home to over 8 million illegal immigrants. Does this cause a harmful impact on Americans? Should America take drastic measures to insure that no additional illegal immigrants are be allowed into the country? When America was founded, the people who came into the country were not technically Americans. America became the "Melting Pot" for different cultures all over the world. People came to America because they believed the opportunities of a new country would better their future. Even though America is quite diverse, the country may be harming' natural born Americans by allowing illegal immigrants into the country. Several factors must be considered when determining if the illegal immigrants are harming or helping America; the economic impact, social services impact, and the employment impact.

The economic impact of illegal immigrants has several factors that must be addressed. What exactly is the cost of patrolling the United States' borders? Should America deport the 8 million plus illegal immigrants that currently call America home? Should America put together a more efficient legal system to stop the illegal immigrants from coming into America or would this make America too inhumane? Currently, there is no right answer; there are pros and cons to all these questions.

Right now, the Border Patrol agents in the Laredo sector catch between 100 and 200 people per day. The daily figure for the entire frontier is about 2,500 illegal border crossings; Homeland Security said there were about 932,000 in 2003 alone. In all cases except a handful, the detainees are escorted back to the border and released, free to try again. Does this make a large enough impact on America to increase the number of Border Patrol agents, or should we just build a wall around all of our borders? The Border Patrol agents are...