"The Illiad": Analysis.

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Cast of Characters

The Achaians These were the Greeks fighting for the return of Helen.

Achilles: He is the main character in the Iliad and influences the plot in huge ways throughout the story. It is his actions which causes the tide of war to flux and change. This great warrior's perceived presence on the battle field inspires the Achaians to fight on while the Trojans line recoils in fear. The book, while about the Trojan war, shows Achilles evolution as a person who comes to realize that people other than him are important and through him we learn more about human relationships and love from the point of view of this tragic hero.

Patroklos: Achilles' close friend. His death causes one of the major turning points in the story.

Diomedes: He is another powerful warrior fighting for the Achaians. Like Achilles he is brave soldier but has much more control and is more reasonable.

He is often gallant and upholds the heroic code. During the events of the war Diomedes is compared to Achilles as a warrior.

Ajax: He was one of the strong warriors at Troy.

Nestor: He is an old warrior at Troy but though he can't fight his wisdom is invaluable and he still commands from the front line.

Agamemnon: This was the commander of the Achaians' army and the campaign against Troy. He quarrels with Achilles and causes him to stop fighting.

Odysseus: The hero of the Odyssey, he is one of the brave warriors at the war.

Helen: The "most beautiful women in all the world" she was the cause of the Trojan War, the wife of Menelaos.

Menelaos: Helen's husband and brother of Agamemnon.

The Trojans These were the people defending Troy.

Priam: The king of Troy, He is old but shows...