To illustrate the market of Nokia. And explain why Nokia as a matter of fact has become a model of international business

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Nokia is the world leader in mobile communication. Nokia started the external market in 2000; they expand their sales by technology of networks and products.

For network, they focus on personalized communication technology. They innovated technology to allow people to access Internet applications, devices and services instantly, irrespective of time and place. They look after the problem that the consumer told them, build up the network system more widely; Change the program more detail and focus on personalized. So they can expand faster than other industry on communications market.

On the other hand, Nokia also expand their product over the world, during 2000, Nokia innovate the technology on network and the cell phone products. They innovate products after they built a prefect network system. They step up a lot of faction in mobile. MSN mode; this mode is for sending message to other mobile by mobile, difference language system; When expand the products to difference countries.

Some people maybe have the language problem, because they don't understand the words in mobile, this system can solve this problem and let consumer feel more geniality (In 2000, not every mobile company have this system.). For example, Nokia going to sell their product to Hong Kong, consumer don't need to worry about the problem of language, because it already have a difference language system in all mobile of Nokia, so it can expand their products to other countries.

The adjustment of products needed when enter to difference countries. Nokia care about the human want and need in difference countries.

Case: In Canada and Hong Kong, both have the same product of Nokia model 8390(In Hong Kong is 8310) the difference of 8390 and 8310 is the "Radio Mode" this mode show in 8310 but it don't has in 8390, because the communication...