Illustrate The Study Skills You Require For 3rd Level Education

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Within the course of this piece, I am going to be covering the fundamental components which I obtained pertaining to study skills within 3rd level education. Some of these include time management, motivation and developing a habit of learning, goal setting, target timetables, note taking and finally the usage of referencing.

It is said among 3rd level college students that the more time you spend studying, the better you will do in examinations, while there is an element of truth in this, it can also be misleading. Students can sit in front of their books for hours on end and learn nothing because they have a habit of daydreaming; it has been known that it is the quality rather than the quantity of study time that determines the fruits of learning. With this in mind, it is important to get into a habit of learning and time management is essential as it helps to establish priorities, distinguish between managing time for study, work and family commitments.

I found it useful to draw up a study chart showing allocated study times and other commitments, as it identified the best study times suited for me. I made a target timetable for assignments and found it beneficial as it clearly showed me what time the deadlines that needed to be met, and the estimated time of completion for assignments. Aidan P. Moran reminds students to always think about managing the work and managing the time and note the differences between urgent and non urgent tasks. Moran. A (1997)

All of this requires considerable motivation, effort and consistency, this can be achieved by using motivation methods, and it will help to reach goals you strive. There are at least three practical ways of increasing your motivation as outlined by Aidan. P. Moran .They would...