Illustrative Essay With Which Describes Various Emotions Within a Specific Memorable Event In My Life.

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A St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Being a person who seemed to make the most of the great moments that life has handed me so far, I thought that I had enjoyed every second of them to the fullest. Whether it was catching up with distant cousins at annual family gatherings, celebrating my birthdays with friends, to simply acknowledging traditional and customary holidays with my immediate family. Sadly, I had overlooked the numerous lengthy talks with my dad, silly fights with my little sister, not forgetting the love and advice my mom have always given me. It's the little moments like that that seem to be overlooked until a heartrending situation occurs and gives a drastic realization of just how important they are and how fast they can be taken away.

I was in the neighborhood pharmacy with my Dad, looking at cards for the upcoming holiday while he filled some prescriptions.

"Dad can you buy me this card?" I exclaimed. In my hand I held a Valentines Day pop-up card that opened to reveal a racecar. Tailing my dad's short leather jacket I begged him to buy this neat card, it seemed to me like a new toy that I would refuse to leave the pharmacy without. Not surprisingly my father denied my request several times, his reason being that if he bought me the card it would not be a surprise and he was logically correct. Then after a few more minutes of begging he finally gave in and agreed on the condition that I act as If it were a surprise when I opened it in front of my mom and sister. I was so happy and fixated on that card that I uttered somewhat of a yes as we walked up to the counter. My father paid...