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Presented by: Eliana Rubio Vásquez

Presented for: Jose Galbete





1. Should Iluminum, try to export?

2. Should Iluminum export to the U.S.?

No. Direct all resources to Spain or to other markets.

Yes, with the same strategy. Looking for new distributors for new regions.

Yes, giving the exclusive import Rights to a single distributor for al U.S.

3. Assuming that we choose option c), prepare an export plan for Mr. Medrano.

4. Should Mr. Medrano look for new destinations? Which ones?


Yes, Aluminium should try export due to the opportunities for growing the business and also because of the globalization, in the last years had been easier to buy and sell goods in multiple markets and just a few of them remain the same, this means that the competition in the domestic market will increase so the company has to be prepared for this and the company already suffer a fall, because of the new competition at that time and the crisis, in their benefits.

Exporting helps to use the production capabilities fully and thanks to fall of the barriers for trading became easier exporting to another country using minimal papers. Moreover, the company will be diversifying the risk of depending only from the domestic market and they saw a big opportunity for exporting to USA or Latin-American due to the acceptance of the product and MR Medrano was conscious of the opportunities of exporting his products to other markets getting benefits from the economies of scale obtaining additional incomes for the company, even tough they could cover more of the national demand. Additionally, the experience of forming new relationships, getting close with another culture and customs and deciding how the company is going to satisfy the needs of other...