Image And Sound In The Information Age

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Image And Sound In The Information AgeMinimalistic Glass, The Silk Road Project, Video art pieces by Paik and Viola, and the global paradigms of Chris Ofili, Andreas Gursky, and Cai Guo-Qiang, this variety may seem to have been impossible decades ago. Back then, Expressionism was a movement that proved to be an enduring force in 20th century art, exercising a strong influence on New York painters of the 1940s and 1950s. This period also promoted the concept of neoplasticism, a plastic idiom equally applicable to painting, architecture, and the decorative arts, and was known to have influenced the Constructivists in New York.

But today, Chapter 38 stresses total acceptance of technological, scientific society and the possibility of an ideal world based on the perfect functionalism of the machine. This modern variety in the arts springs to life with a surprising sense of alertness, as if it had a personality.

Those who thought that living among vulgar copies showed little originality seemed to find solace in the sublime and very esthetic emptiness of minimalism, reassured by the fact that if one possessed very little, one could never be accused of having no taste. The following five artworks depict the developmental story of postmodern expression in the form of the avant-garde movements known as Expressionism, Dada, de Stijl, Surrealism, and Constructivism, among others.

The exuberance of movement in Emil Nolde’s Dancing the Boogie (1912) is emphasized by the blurred figures and brilliant, chaotic color (“Celebrating”). Nolde’s work epitomizes the exploration of mind and emotion characteristic of Expressionism. In its loosest sense, Expressionism applies to any artistic work in which objective reality is distorted to represent the mental condition of the artist. Expressionism as a movement proved to be an enduring force in 20th-century art, exercising a strong influence on New York...