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How would you compare yourself, with the ideal bodies of models from fashion ads in today's magazines? Are you skeptical with your body in terms of its color, size or shape? How much time do you spend thinking about this matter? Does this comparison have any real and lasting influences in your life? Are you immune from the manipulation of the advertisers? As popular culture has become an indicator of everyone's concern in today's life, it is obvious that evidence of popularity in the subject of "compare with" exists all around us. In today's society, not only advertising is about appearances. It is also about information, but what interests us, what excites us in and about advertising is how objects, or products, become ideas how gifted with appearances: how they makes appearances and help us make appearances (Lau, 2001). This does not happen through magic, but through advertisers' skills with the way they promote their products, create an image and find a space for it to live in our minds.

Hence, advertising is not just about the object's appearance, but also personal appearances on how we look at other people, and how we think of ourselves. This essay will focus on the relationship between the ideal images of gender we have been fed through advertising daily and our personal feelings, thoughts and actions in relation to those images.

In the process of selling products and services, advertising also tends to sell supplemental images, which may contribute to the upholding of some detrimental aspects of the status quo in today's society. Advertisements have produced negative effects on stereotyping, which focuses on portray of women and men. They reinforce perceptions of traditional, limited, and often demeaning stereotypes of women and men (Courtney, 1978: 13). These significant changes occur in the status and...