Images In Mass Communication

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"Images in Mass Communication" The task of mass communicating an idea or message is a daunting one to say the least. The most efficient and effective way to relay your message to a large group of people presents many questions. One of the primary questions should be how to present the message and by what means. Different channels of communication are used depending on the message being sent, but images are almost always a constant for all. The use of images gives the receiver a more accurate perception of reality. The balance of images to other means of communication varies on the type of message being sent. While some messages rely totally on images, others will rely on a mixture of the channels of communication to more effectively get the message across to the receiver.

Visual perception of an object sometimes serves as the best way to perceive that object.

When this is the case, the use of images should be the main source of communication when trying to mass communicate. A golf course is full of images for one to take in. First of all the natural beauty of the outdoors provides images such as the backdrop of mountains, sparkling lakes, bare trees in the middle of winter, and wildlife. On top of that, a group of golf course superintendents take a huge piece of land, and out of it carve 18 holes of someone's imagination. The creativity and hard work of the designer go into creating a collage of images that cannot be expressed through a commercial or photograph. The golf course itself communicates to the world through the thousands of images it possesses. Food advertisements also rely strictly on images to relay their message. The huge golden arch at every McDonalds or the commercial of a...