An imaginative journey leaning self reflection. involves the two texts "This Lime Tree Bower My Prison" by Coleridge and the front page of the mercury weekender "journey to the unknown"

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An imaginative journey can be a way of expression to escape the confines of reality in order to create a frame of mind that could not otherwise be described within the limitations of the responders life experiences. Instead, taking an individual on a journey that does not physically involve the human senses, though through effective manipulation of a text with the appropriate imagery and techniques can often appeal to the senses. This creates a bridge between the unreal and often unaccepted and the underlying wisdom that it is trying to provoke. This new found wisdom is the catalyst for a change in perspectives and is ultimately the result of a journey, as things were not as they once were. The experience was different to the norm of the individuals life experience as a journey can often be seen as a relative idea depending on how it is perceived. This is a new found idea for myself as during a class discussion we were defining similes of the word journey and discovered that often words at first seem to mean the same thing, but looking into them on a deeper level I found often have different allusions about what they actually involve like in the case of a trip and a trek where the trek has connotations of more adversities.

This helped me to speculate about this idea and understand and grasp the concept of a journey through my own resolution which was that a journey must involve some sort of change from the norm in the view of an individual.

"This Lime Tree Bower My Prison" is a Conversational poem text type composed by Coleridge. The persona is left behind while his friends go for a walk in the country. As Coleridge sits beneath a lime-tree bower...