Imagine doing a job you thought you would never do. Stripping, looking at the woman's point of view

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Imagine doing a Job you thought you would never do. What would your family and friends say? I need to put myself through school, support my kids or pay rent. These are some of the questions strippers had to ask. This paper is to show a different point of view that exists in our society and to understand women's experience and activities in the strip clubs.

Strip clubs are popularly promoted as providing harmless entertainment for the men who go there to watch and talk to women. Strip club customers are described as normal men who use strip clubs to avoid adultery and therefore find a safe outlet for their sexual desires or some may say perverts.

Stripping is a hard task to accomplish. Of course to some degree a woman must degrade herself to accept money for taking her clothes off. On the other side of that argument if a women needed money to feed her child, or pay rent she would be more likely to feel some kind of survival instinct.

Even though it is easy to see the negative side of Stripping you must also be aware that a positive side does exist. For example a stripper works one night making between 200 to 800 dollars. This is good money for one night. This is one way for a woman to make as much income as a man to make a living.

Everybody makes their own choice whether they want to attend a strip club. Stripers believe they have the power over men when they are nude and shaking it. This sexual arena gives image of something mysterious, ancient and wondrous.

Whether we like to admit it or not, sex is a major part of our society. Some people are able to have a sexual relationship with a loved one, or a close friend. However, there are others that couldn't have a sexual relationship if they tried. Then there are others who wish to conceal an affair, that's why they go to strip clubs.

It's easy to look at the situation from a distant perspective the same way you would watch two people playing chess. Even though it is the women's choice to become a stripper the responsibility is also placed on the man paying for such a service.

I'm looking at this situation from a human standpoint. We must assign responsibility to the demand as well as the supplier. It's easy to sit back and be the judge, jury, and executioner of these people. If you have never been in their shoes, then why say anything. What is so immoral about stripping? Its keeps some men from committing adultery, others entertained.

Strippers should not be judged for what they do, but for who they are. They are doing a service, not committing crimes. Strip clubs are always going to be around, no matter what president or politics stand in the way.

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