Imagine, by John Lennon Analysis

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By: John Lennon

John Lennon's song entitled Imagine, from the title itself seems like inviting us to imagine what John Lennon think about the world. The song reflects John Lennon's consideration about how the world would be like if there are no rules, no differences and all people don't really think about their own possession.

John Lennon thought that if the world could be like what I just mentioned above, there will be no hatred and there would be only peace. John Lennon thought that the rules would lead people to conflicts between themselves. Because if there is a rule, there is a stronger group that rule the weaker one. And of course the weaker one don't want to be ruled forever. So the conflicts would be begin and ended by sorrow and sadness.

Also implied in the song that the same situation would be occur if the differences still exist.

Why? Because society with differences would be divide in groups. A certain group will try to dominate the other, influence the other group with their belief. And the other will protect their belief, more than that they would try to influence back the one who had tried to influence them. Conflict will be unavoidable.

Implied in the song that John Lennon wanted us to set aside our possession. As he thought possession will causes jealous feeling among the people. And jealous feeling would be like a trigger for chaos.

In the first paragraph I think that John Lennon want us to try thinking his way, like if there is no heaven and hell. Heaven and hell for me seems like the thing that devide people in two groups, good people and the bad one. Because good people of course would...