Imagine a reunion with three friends from your secondary school in 10 years time. How will your lives have changed?

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Closing the elegant bathroom door behind me, I quickly wrapped the thick white towel around my wet bare body. I was right in central Kuala Lumpur, lodging at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. I had just arrived from the airport four hours ago, after a long, draining seven-hour flight all the way from Sydney, Australia.

I hastily rubbed my body with the towel, which I then used to wrap my wet hair into a turban-like structure. Then I sat down. Putting my feet on the bed, I heaved a deep sigh of relief. I was so excited to have finally arrived in my homeland, Malaysia, after ten long years.

I began to ransack my suitcase for my bright yellow phone book. Shuffling through its dog-eared pages, I spotted a familiar name. Rachel Voo. Memories suddenly flashed back to the days of high school. It was still so vivid.

I promptly dialed her number, hoping that she would pick up the phone and greet me just as enthusiastically as she used to back in the good old days.

Luck was on my side. She picked up the phone and almost immediately recognized my voice. There was a squeal of joy on the other end of the line and I was simply ecstatic.

Soon, the rapid conversation led to an arrangement for a ‘long-lost friends’ reunion. We planned to meet each other at the famous Limo’s Peach Café for dinner on Tuesday night at seven.

I put down the phone and pondered on all the things she shared with me; I am now twenty-six, and she is twenty seven. I am still single, whereas she’s married with a two-year-old son. What’s more she is married to one of the most successful business tycoons in Kuala Lumpur. As my mind drifted...