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Name of Entrepreneur

Invented by three Canadians- Graeme Ferguson, Roman Kroitor and Robert Kerr

Invention or Innovation:

Innovation because it is much more large than the normal cinema theatre

Place/ Location: Montreal, Canada

Date/ Timeline:

1967- Graeme Ferguson made his first multi-screen film Polar Life.

1970- The world saw the first IMAX film, Tiger Child

1971- The first permanent IMAX cinema was opened in the cinesphere at Ontario Place in Toronto.

1973- IMAX had introduced another innovation OMNIMAX an IMAX dome cinema with a curved screen.

Brief biography of this entrepreneur

Ferguson, Shaw, and Kerr went to school together in Galt, Ontario. Ferguson and Kerr's first venture together was starting a school newspaper whey they attended Galt Collegiate Institute. Ferguson began making films when he was a student at the University of Toronto. He became an independent filmmaker, eventually working out of New York. In 1965 Ferguson was asked to do a film for Expo '67 in Montreal, but it had to be done by a Canadian company.

In 1967 Ferguson had teamed up with Kerr and Kroiter and they were determined to create a multi screen technology. In 1967 they made their first multi screen film Polar life and was one of the best hits in Montréal. In 1970 they made their first IMAX film, Tiger Child commissioned by the Fuji Corporation of Japan.

Description of the invention or innovationThe ideas came from the large screen experiment., The system uses 70mm film, which is twice as wider as commercial film turned on its side. When projected it is ten times the size of the regular movies, with an image eight stories high. IMAX is the most successful large-format special-venue film presentation system. Annother innovation was intorduced called OMNIMAX which uses a fisheye lens on the camera that squeezes...