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IMC Campaign: Media CampaignAT&T's integrated new service brings together cell phone calls and home phone calls with separate numbers to one device giving family members private access to their own calls and access to the home calls on one device. The IMC team feels strongly that this service will be well received in the marketplace and has put together a complete media campaign to showcase this astounding service. The marketing organization understands the importance of getting the company's message out to the targeted market to ensure the success of the service offered exclusively by AT&T. A campaign theme along with messaging strategies has been created to catch the consumer's interest, create desire for the product and influence the customer to purchase the new service. A big part of this campaign is determining the right budget and how the money will be directed toward the appropriate media source to influence the target publics.

The following will define the campaign theme, message, budget, media choices and important elements that will ensure the success of AT&T's new service.

Campaign ThemeIn order to gain attention from the targeted audience AT&T will use Full Access Calling Technology (F.A.C.T.) as a campaign theme for the newly integrated phone service. The simplicity of F.A.C.T. will gain attention and start people asking questions. The service is new and needs to be thoroughly explained to demonstrate the ease and cost effectiveness of this new service. Staying ahead of the competition with a theme that will quickly have consumers inquiring about F.A.C.T. and what this means to the public.

Messaging StrategiesThe advertising campaign for the F.A.C.T. service will be done through television commercials during prime time shows which will include cultural diverse programs. This approach will be taken with radio, newspapers, direct mail, billboards, and the Internet as well as...