The Immigrant Chronicles

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“Some people seek journeys while others have journeys forced upon them.” It is through this quote that Peter Skrzynecki’s (S.) “The immigrant Chronicles” explores the world of physical journeys. Skrzynecki has conveyed the causes and origins of journeys through many poems, in particular “Crossing the Red Sea” and “Immigrants at Central Station”. Many other composers have also explored the concept of journeys including Kate Forsyth’s novel “The Starthorn Tree”, 2002, and Kenneth Grahame’s novel “Wind in the Willows”, 1908. All these composers depict the causes and origins of journeys where the traveler is extended physically, emotionally and psychologically.

S. poem “Crossing the Red Sea” is a poem which depicts the traumatic journey of migration and human triumph. It is an epic journey which epitomizes the journey of all journeys. This poem discusses the post holocaust emotions felt by the refugees who fled from the suffering, war and dislocation as they watched their familiar shore lines disappear.

The reason behind the title is to the allude to the biblical journey of where Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and to the Promised Land. The biblical allusions of exile, offering and mercy underline that the immigrants are at the mercy of god. The reference of Lazarus, who was raised from the dead, is suggestive of a new life and a better future for the immigrants. S. conveys the origins of journeys in this poem and the reasons for why the journey occurred. In “Crossing the Red Sea” the immigrants have the journey forced upon them. S. does this through portraying how he remembers the journey as a child and his view on the journey from an adult perspective.

S. uses a variety of language techniques throughout “Crossing the Red Sea” to convey...