Immigrant laws

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Immigration Laws

Why is every countries have people illegal immigrant? In the United States, have a lot

people without legal paper. Most people go to United States just want have better live and

make money. But if have many people illegal immigration, then United States cannot control

these peoples and very dangerous. Immigration laws are very important and every country

should have strong these laws. So I am for immigration laws because people have to hide if you

are immigrant, cannot get ear money when you old.

The three reasons I for immigration laws are less driver illegal, only citizen get ear

money when old and less people unidentified. First, when people without paper, they cannot

get driver license. They are driver illegal. They can hit to other people and run away. It would to

kill other people. These people should be taken away by force to native country.

Next, the

people illegal immigration has disease and affects another people, and then it can be to kill

these people. It is very dangerous from the people is not getting a paper. They do not get the

protection from a country and they cannot go to hospital to healing. Then, American citizen will

getting ear money very month when they are old, but a person illegal cannot. When people is

old, they can get money if you are citizen and have to pay taxes when they working. A person

illegal alien cannot get it because they do not pay taxes when they working and not citizen. In

fact, Americans should be thankful for immigrants and raising the quality of life of those

dependent of the social services.

America is sometimes referred to as a "nation of immigrants" because of our largely

open-door policy toward accepting foreigners pursuing their vision of...