Immigrant Military Reform (Argumentative paper)

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In a publicized meeting to a large audience in Costa Mesa, California, President Obama announced he was considering a comprehensive immigration bill that would allow unauthorized immigrants to "get out of the shadows" (Policy Beat). Several arguments about this issue have risen; among which the debate on whether illegal aliens may get citizenship after serving the military receives great attention. Although there are still many concerns against this idea, it is time the system should be more open to legalize the status of those who are non-Us citizens but willing to fight for the country.

Similar to DREAM ACT (Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act) which consider illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States in their childhood and have been living in America for at least five years with two years accomplishment of college or military service to be issued citizenship, the thought of letting illegal aliens who serve in the military for a certain time achieve legal status arose with great concern.

As of 2007 the Senates turn the Dream Act bill down for a close 52-44 votes while it needed eight more votes to get the sixty votes to gain cloture, there have been several various suggestions on making the system more open to legalize unauthorized immigrants' status. However there are many obstacles, among which are the questions on the loyalty of these youngsters to the nation, the economy on the downfall when healthcare and renewable energy need more investment. Thus the majority now believe those who devote their lives to the nation deserve the citizenship, and help recruiting considerably easier. It is time to have a mechanism to help the justified people be accepted as legal citizens of the country they want to belong to.

Many people argued that those who are not...