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America is an immigration country, and it has a big immigration history. From past to the present, lots of people abroad from their own country moved to America for their own freedom. Little by little, immigration will be becoming a thinkable problem for America. The solution of that is we need to think a way to control the immigration. In the future, I am not sure that immigration going to help us or not.

In the past, most people came here causing three main reasons. First, America is a free country. For political freedom, America was a peaceful country in that time, causing the wars, other countries wasn't peaceful. In Europe, people can only believe their own country's religion, but America has religious freedom for people to choose. For another reason, people care about their safety. Europe had slavery around 1300~1400 A.D, lots of people died from that. America also had good economical opportunity.

America have more jobs, so people who were moving here had more opportunity to getting good job, and made more money. For these reasons many European moved to America in that time.

Immigration is going to help us have more power but it will also become a problem for us. The biggest problem is immigration already makes America over population, so we need to keep the population in balance. More population will give government more burdens. The way that can control population is to decreased visa. The people that can come to America are only the skillful worker or some rich people that can make America community runs well. Also, because the attack on world trade center, America decreases the visa, become more securely. Let more people come in America will have more risk to catch the danger.

In the future, America will change a lot...