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America is a land of opportunity in which people have come from all over the world in hopes of a better life. Today these dreams continue as hundreds of thousands of immigrants come to America each year. The American culture we know today has been shaped by the influence of immigrants. Immigrants improve the economy by filling in unwanted jobs and paying taxes. Also, diversity in America improves the United States relations with the rest of the world. Even new technology can be brought to the United States through immigrants.

Throughout America's history a majority of Americans have had a negative attitude toward immigrants, in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth, immigrants were viewed as being illiterate criminals. It was also said that immigrants brought no intellectual baggage and their lower standards slow the progress of the United States. However, those immigrants who were seen as unfit bettered themselves and contributed to the growth of America.

As history repeats itself, the descendants of the once illiterate immigrants argue before immigrants were an integral part of the American society; nevertheless, are coming over more than ever and not contributing to nor improving American standards. Yes, it may be true that immigrant's standards are often times lower than that of most Americans, but they soon improve themselves and their later generations by improving their education level and hard labor.

The U.S. also benefits from the knowledge and technology brought from immigrants. America is able to continue capitol expansion, which is largely due to the variety of incoming ideas and inventions proposed by variety of people and cultures that call the United States their home.

By keeping America's doors open, America shows that it understands what kind of nation it is. American culture is developed through new ideas originating from other...