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Kyler Harrington 9-12-14

Immigration is one of the major aspects of the united states that makes us who we are today. Immigration has many affects on the economy and they make America what it is today without them we would have a weak labor force and we would not maintain a an economy like we do today. However immigration can also hurt our economy by taking major jobs away from American citizens and failure to pay taxes makes our government loose money in the long term.

Immigration The pros and cons on the economy

There are many factors that make immigration a positive aspect on our economy. Performing low-wage, labor-intensive jobs is one of the most common benefits cited of illegal immigrants on the economy. The opinion holds that illegal immigrants are uneducated and therefore are employed in manual labor, including landscape work, farming, meat packing, cleaning and factory work.

The U.S. economy depends heavily on such manual labor, and illegal immigrants usually are more willing to take on such work. Also, the amount of unskilled workers in the U.S. has shrunk significantly in recent times. Illegal immigrants keep the economy moving by filling the need for unskilled labor. Despite minimum wage laws, illegal immigrants often fall into positions that pay less than minimum wage. Undocumented workers do not report these employers because doing so would expose their own illegal status. In turn, companies that use illegal immigrants save money and can offer products at lower cost to customers, allowing those people to spend more money elsewhere and bolstering the economy. This holds true even for companies that pay undocumented workers minimum wage; chances are, these workers still make less than legal workers would demand. Illegal immigrants must purchase basic goods and services just to survive. They benefit the economy...