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Before the Immigration Act of 1965, Koreans are spread out in America. Practically, Koreans are actually a very visible group in America. In Los Angeles, there are 150,000 Koreans, and because of this large amount of Koreans, a new Korean community is created on Olympic Boulevard. Newsweek reported in 1975. ¡¨What used to be Mexican-American, Japanese and Jewish stores and businesses are now mostly Korean, with giant Oriental letters spread across their low-slung storefronts.¡¨ And the majority of this group own grocery stores, churches, gas station, restaurants, and barbershops: ¡§One does not feel that one lives in America when one lives on Olympic Boulevard.¡¨ Due to the insufficient employment opportunities in Korea, thousands of Korean professionals begin seeking work opportunity overseas. ¡§I was afraid of that I would become unemployed again if I returned to the home country ¡K Upon arriving in the United States, I found a lot of jobs waiting for me.¡¨

Besides, Korean immigrants also become owners of restaurants, liquor stores, and most visibly, greengroceries in New York City. The Korean newcomers have a very high rate of self-employment because of the factors of a Confucian ethic in Korean culture, with its emphasis on industry, self-regulation, and family ties. However, like Japanese, Koreans have also been forced into shopowning by racial discrimination in the labor market. ¡§there is a great deal of difficulty in securing jobs due to discrimination and language barriers.¡¨ Most of Koreans in America work very hard in order to make their life better and provide their children with a very good opportunity of education. Especially Korean greengrocers, they open the store in the morning darkness and stay until late at night, and because of that, many of them are murdered. Like Japanese, Korean employers are often cut off from the general labor...