Immigration in the 19th century

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In the early 19th century, American opened the door for foreigners. Many people from different countries came to American. People from Irish, Italy, German, Poland and China came to America. They came here for many different reasons. However, the main reason they came to America was to seek for opportunities to live better lives. Immigrations did earn better life styles here than they did in their countries. However, the wealth did not come to them easily or smoothly as anyone in their countries would have thought. They struggled a great deal and overcame many obstacles to get to where they were in American society. In the book, Plain Folk the author bestowed some evidences lead to believe in this period these people experience many tragedies.

In the 1880 and 1890, many people from Europe and Asia came to America. Men and women were eager to get wealthy and rich because they came from a poor, filthy and at thelowest level their societies.

They saw the wealth of other people who came to America became successful and returned home with load of money. They thought in America the rain poured down with dollar bills. Once they arrived to America, reality changed all of those thoughts. Americans were very racism and jobs opportunities were limited to them. Many evidences showed in these following stories will lead one to believe in these subject matters.

In the story, The Biography of a Bootblack: Rocco Corresca Rocco was a boy who lived in an orphan home in Italy. At the age of eight years old, there was an old man came to the orphan home said he was Rocco’s grandfather and took him to the big city. In the big city Naples, Rocco became a beggar. His jobs from morning to dawn were...