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Immig. Story As the Ship arrived at Ellis Island Sabastian Rothenburg was in awe at the bright new country that was to become his home.

The 7?4 205lbs young man, around 23 or 24, was a sight to see. His angelic face glistened in the morning sun. He plan to open a pharmacy in a town near the city, but first he had to get through customs.

As his feet hit the moistened dirt on the island he was directed into a building, then a room. Here he read a sign that was posted above the door, which stated ?waiting room?. Sabastian was tired of waiting around so he got up and moved into the first line. After he observed many people who didn?t speak his language, he arrived at the Initial Document Station. The men here asked for his ID tag, passport, and boat ticket. He had all of those.

While Sabastian was in the second line he met another German who offered some help for a fee.

?I have no money sir, I can only offer medication,? said Sabastian.

?I will tell you what to say in the Personal Document Station if you will heal my daughter from her small pox.? ?Agreed.? Sabastian then gave the man?s daughter a shot and some pills. In return the man stuck to his promise: ?Say Germany, four no?s, and then say active in a Lutheran church.? After Sabastian had gone through the whole line process again he now arrived at the Personal Document station. Here a short, stout, bearded man asked for his birth certificate. He was also asked some questions: ?Where er ya from?? said the man.

?A small city in Germany sir,? replied Sabastian.

?Ye a communist?? ?No sir.? ?Ever been in trouble with the law?? ?No sir.?...