Immigration And The Economy

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Canada is a special country, and one major aspect of Canada is its diversity. This is due to immigration, which helps and hurts Canada in many ways. Immigration creates jobs or takes them away? Immigration brings money into the economy or depletes money due to social services? These are some points being discussed throughout this essay. Many people are against immigration, while others are for immigration. This essay states the positive and negative facts about immigration. So, is immigration a positive or negative aspect on the Canadian economy? Since there is no evidence that immigration contributes to the unemployment level in Canada, there is evidence that proves immigration opens up job opportunities. Therefore reduces unemployment. If Canada did not allow immigration, there would be a large amount of unemployment.

"Immigrants expand the demand for goods and services through their consumption. They also contribute to output through investment of savings they bring with them.

As well, immigrants contribute to the economies of scale in production and the growth of markets"�. ( Many immigrants are self-employed and have innovative ideas; their businesses are likely to be profitable to the Canadian economy. The immigrants who are not employed must have a sufficient amount of finance to support themselves as well as their families. Immigrants have helped the Canadian economy by paying taxes and increasing the population. Canada has a relatively low population and without immigrants Canada would not be as stable as it is now. For example Canada has a very large debt and if immigration did not exist the debt would probably be a lot worse or even take a tremendous amount of time to pay off.

By consuming goods and services, buying houses, clothing and other necessities immigration creates jobs for Canadians. "Immigration itself has been calculated to bring...