Immigration and Immigrants

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One of the hottest topic discussed in the senate as of today is the immigration issue. The issue involves immigration laws and their influence to the Americans. Some say that the immigration is helping build the economy; some say immigration is hurting the earnings of less-skilled natives and for some it brings diversity to the country. Immigration boosts the economy every year. According to US, "Almost one and a half million immigrants entered United States to live, to cites large and small, to suburbs and to rural areas last year." According to the naturalization service nine lakh sixteen thousand legal arrivals were joined by an estimated two lakh seventy five thousand illegal immigrants. This number is likely to decrease this year due to the current economic breakdown. But, I feel that the number of immigrants entering should increase into the country to regain the economy with restrictions.

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"Increased immigration is important for both the economic and spiritual well being of the United States." While the issue may have been in doubt in years past, when the economy was weaker, today's economic situation makes increased immigration a necessity. Immigrants often take jobs which would otherwise go unfilled and increase overall productivity. Empirically, the United States has recently undergone a long period of increased immigration and has an economy which has never been healthier, with significant immigrant contributions in the prominent high technology sector. The number should increase because immigrants as a whole produce substantial economic benefits to the economy. It adds to the country's economic output and the vast majority of Americans benefit from the increased supply of labor and lower prices. A good example given by The Newest Americans, "Carl Goldschmidt, AICP, fled Germany, when he was thirteen, winding up in San Francisco. Goldschmidt...