Immigration demands reform

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Immigration is beneficial to the United States when it is done lawfully. However, illegal immigration is the exception; the new immigration bill will benefit both the nation and immigrants. Illegal immigration hurts the economy in many ways, but generally this equates to the economy losing capital and the United States as a nation losing its way of life. The new immigration bill provides an excellent way to balance the benefits and processes of dealing with legal and illegal immigration such as the guest worker program, stricter boundaries, more deportation jails, and establishing English as the only national language in the U.S.

Legal immigration provides the nation benefits for growth, for example increased tax revenue, lower cost labor, cultural diversity, and an increase in the standard of living for the immigrants and their families. The increase in the labor force from the immigrants boosts the nation's tax revenue which fosters enhanced standards of living for everyone.

Immigrants, in general, work for lower wages, thereby reducing the cost to produce products for the market, which increases the economic output at a lower cost and higher profit. Immigrants bring their cultures with them and provide an opportunity for diversity, the nation's natives benefit from learning and exploring that culture. For the immigrants their quality of life improves when they enter the nation providing them with all of the benefits that many of the natives take for granted.

Illegal immigration is detrimental to the nation; illegal immigrants cost American tax payers money, take jobs away from Americans, and do not pay taxes. Unreasonable numbers of illegal immigrants force Americans out of jobs because the immigrants work for far lower wages, leading to fewer jobs for the Americans that need one and an increase in poverty as a result. Illegal immigrants cost the tax payers...