Immigration is not a positive social phenomenon.

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The word "to immigrate" simply means to come to a foreign country

with the intention of living there for the rest of your life. There are several

reasons why people leave their countries and start living somewhere else.

The main reasons why immigration can be considered a wholly negative

social problem are the following ones:

First of all immigration testifies that there is something wrong with the

country which people leave. Especially in the past, people used to leave

their countries where they were born in order to work abroad when

there was no possibility for them to get a well-paid job at home. They

saw a chance to earn a lot of money in a short time and were ready to

return again when they had enough for a satisfying life without financial


Another reason to immigrate to a country is the higher standard of

living there.

It is natural that people want to get the appropriate salary

for their work (the higher the salary the better), more when they work

hard, without mistakes and responsibility. The dream of most people is

to live happily in abundance.

People have always wanted to live freely. Of course it includes the right

to have our own opinions about any subjects and to express them freely.

It also includes the freedom to choose which religion we would like to

practice, and where and with whom you want to live. It is racial or

religious intolerance, persecution, wars and revolutions that force people

to immigrate, which is often the only way out of these problems.

Although sophisticated people in developed countries, which are the

usual destination of immigrants, should be able to understand the

situation of the immigrants, they often have negative feelings toward

them. Every country has its own...