The Immigration "Problem"

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A simple definition of Immigration is "the movement of people from one foreign country to another. (Definitions of Immigration on the Web, 2006). This simple definition does not tell about whom these people are, or why they leave their homes to travel to a new land.

America's history is based on the immigration of foreigners. As early as 1607 people were leaving their countries and immigrating to America in pursuit of religious and political freedom and economic opportunity; Who are these people coming into America? They are British, Irish, Italian, Russian, Japanese, and Hispanic, people from all over the globe travel to America where they believe there is a better life waiting for them (Immigration Information, 1996).

Although immigrants come to America with hopes for better life, this is not always the case. Many immigrants face discrimination and exploitation, often times they have to settle for the jobs that others do not want.

Because of the large number of immigrants who come to America illegally there have been little to no laws protecting their rights. This means that when illegal immigrants are able to find jobs it is usually in situations where they are under paid, over worked, and severely mistreated.

In this past week Senate has approved a bipartisan immigration bill. This bill includes the following:"Limited & Conditional Amnesty:Illegal immigrants who were present in the United States before 2004 could continue working legally for another six years, providing they pay a $1,000 fine and pass a criminal background check. After that 6-year period, they would then be eligible to apply for citizenship upon application approval, passing citizenship and English tests, and paying an additional $1,000, nonrefundable fine and any owed back taxes.

Agricultural Exemption:This five-year program would allow up to 1.5 million workers into the United States, with...