Immigration Problems

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Immigration problems are becoming more plentiful and more diverse. Americans have enough problems of our own, we need to eliminate as many as we can when possible, such as immigration. America represents freedom in many cultures but we need to ensure that our nation continues running smoothly. We should take action against immigrants that disrupt our everyday lives. Many immigrants get special treatment because if they are doing a job poorly, the employer cannot fire them because he could be accused of racial profiling. When in most cases the problem could be purely cleaned up if the foreigner working spoke English at all. Many immigrants do not speak a bit of English. Just recently, a story was published in the Dallas Morning News that said there was a case that went to trial in Florida because a Muslim woman refused to remove her veil while taking an ID photograph. Although this was said to be against her religion, many other Muslim customs sent testimony stating that even in their countries, a woman does not require her veil in an ID photograph.

Had the Muslim countries said that this indeed was a "Muslim rule", the indiscression could have been overlooked. In this case the woman appears to have just been being obstinate (Dallas Morning News). There need to be more qualifications allowing immigrants into America. It needs to become a select process, which is elongated and revered by those the country accepts.

The first thing that needs to be done to fix the problem is stricter guidelines should be set on accepting immigrants. The major one being that the person must speak English. If the person wanting to immigrate does not even speak the language, this person cannot possibly be able to survive in America without utter confusion. The...