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Stranger: Oh, it’s too damn heavy.

[Bag slipped from his hand and things fell on the ground, the old men kneels down with a grunt to pick the things up, a passenger stops]Passenger: Can I pick it up for you?Stranger: Thanks son, it will be great.

Passenger: Do you know any nearby rest house?Stranger: You mean a hotel?Passenger: Ah, yesStranger: I am looking for one too; my next connecting flight is 8 hours from now.

Passenger: I am going to Canada, I see you going there too!Stanger: How did you know?Passenger: The Toronto Maple Leaf’s sticker on your bag (both laughed)Stranger: Do you mind finding a hotel together, since now we know our destination is same?(They start walking)Stranger: Ahh, I am tired, let’s sit somewhere for some time and we will continue our search.

So, son what is your name?Passenger: my name is Ali, Mohammad AliStranger: Oh, Mohammed Ali, like the great boxer! So where are you coming from?Ali: I am coming from Pakistan, my father passed away.

Stranger: Oh, that is sad! How old was he?Ali: He was in his sixties.

Stranger: Oh, that is very sadAli: He was a professor in a college. Last time when we talked on the phone was the day before he died, he said, I am not feeling well, my time has come. I said, “father, don’t say that”. The same evening, I booked my flight and arrived on the airport where I received the message that he passed away.

Stranger: It must have been very tough time for your mother.

Ali: My mother passed away before my father.

Stranger: I am sorry, I did not knowAli: its ok, my mother died when I was nine, my father brought me up.

Stranger: Do you have any siblings, I am the only...