Immigration, Social Policy and Employment

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During the 19th century there were a lot of Europeans and during the 20th century there were still a lot of Europeans but also Mexicans, Latinos, and Asians. Most were also farmers and they came in big family clusters. At the turn of the 19th century a lot of young, unmarried men and woman of those descents came.

There was the potato famine, the civil war, and the gold rush in California. With the potato famine there were a lot of people getting sick in many countries in Europe and with that came the desire to get away from the famine and go to a better place. With the civil war there were people that were put out of there homes and things just weren't great for them so they decided that they should come to America. The gold rush on the other hand was a bit different. This had to do with money.

People hear the word gold and they go running.

There was an intelligent test that you had to take and pass in order to come into this country. There were laws and amendments that had to be taken into consideration. There was also the 1917 Act and petitions.

A lot of Americans have a misperception about immigrants. They think that immigration into this country should be cut off or be limited too a small amount at a time. Other people, not a lot, think that the immigration adds to our diversity in this country. They feel that we need to be more diverse and add to the stew.

I think that communication plays a big part in this case because the more culturally diverse the work force gets the more difficult it will be to communicate with one another and also understand one another. White males,