Immigration as a social problem

Essay by kimiajoon November 2004

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MY POSITION: America is a country based on immigrants. From the early days after discovering it many immigrants came to this country and start to build it. From that day until now many new people are adding to the population of America. It is a true statement that some of them hurt the country, but in many ways immigrants played a positive role in improving it. For instance, some of the immigrants are owners of small businesses that create jobs around the country. Michael Badnarik supports my statements by saying," I advocate open immigration for individuals who are willing to enter at a Customs station and submit to a quick background check to ensure that they aren't criminals or terrorists. And I advocate treating people who cross the borders elsewhere as what they are: invaders" (

DEMOCRATIC PARTY POSITION: Wesley Clark on Immigration stated that I am very pro-immigration (Jun 27).

Immigration is vital to prosperity (Jun 17). Howard Dean on Immigration claimed, "The Americas are more important than War on Terror" (Sep 4). No automated entry-exit control system; allow free flow (Jul 2000). Share costs of legal immigration between states & federal (Feb 2001). Federal government should deal with criminal repatriation (Feb 2001) (