Immigration In U.S.

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Immigration in the United States of America


Immigration in the United States of America

There are millions of people out of work in the United States due to the current economic conditions. Now whether they lack the skills or there are no opportunities for them, many people are forced to take low-paying, unskilled jobs just to make some money. At this point, immigration contributes for about 25 percent of the U.S. labor force and this is mainly because of low native birth rates and high levels of immigration. (Massey, 2006, 13)

Effects of illegal immigration on the wage rate and the labor market

The reason that immigrants are able to find jobs in the United States and put a lot of people out of work is because they often take the low-paying jobs that most Americans don't want to do.

Even though a lot of people may not like immigrants because they are putting them out of jobs, immigrants in this economy today are helping to keep inflation low, improve housing values, and benefit taxpayers (Martin, 2007, 3). In other words, immigration helps provide an increase to the U.S. economy. The only people that are really being hurt right now by immigrants are those people without high school degrees (Gelfand and Yee, 2009, 6). Every year they fight against immigrants for jobs and their wages just seem to keep getting lower. Hence, if more immigrants continue to enter each year seeking jobs, it decreases the amount of work available.

Immigrants who see their relatives and friends leading a better life than what they were living before, especially of the Hispanic and Latino backgrounds, come to the United States and try to follow their example,