The Immorality of War

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War is an armed clash between nations because of hostility or

military conflicts. In simple words, war is fighting between two

sides. War, in my opinion, is useless because of its damaging results,

which will be talked about in this paper. It brings suffering and

death. Under no circumstance is war moral, even in cases of self

defense. There are just other ways to solve problems. Peace treaties

are an easy way to end war. In a peace treaty, it is easy to settle

the differences and come up with an agreement that both sides can

decide on. That way the solution can be a compromise and problems will

be fixed. Often it happens when one side can't agree so they decide

that war is the only solution. In Israel, Jews always try to keep

peace with other nations, but the Arabs just can never compromise.

Arabs and Jews are always fighting because they just can't come up

with a compromise.

Wars are begun with many different reasons: Land

conflicts, Religious disagreements, and independence conflicts. This

is a story about my grandfather's experience in World War II. It was

horrifying and gruesome, but the story is not as bad as it was in real


In 1991, my grandfather, Mike Sabetai, was taken from his home

by the Nazis, with 17 members of his family. He was taken to a war

camp where he and other divide into groups. There were groups of

people who could use their occupations to help them survive. If you

weren't put in one of these groups, you were immediately brought to a

gas chamber. There you would wait and be killed by gas. Luckily my

grandfather was a barber. He used his skill as a tool to stay alive.

Everyone would be woken...