Immortal Beauty Through False Advertisement

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Destiny Cruz Professor Harkins English 101-46 October 21, 2014

Immortal Beauty through False Advertisement

In today's world, advertising is considered one of the top main assets to any industry. Advertisements always seem to be around us, often times it crosses our eye on a billboard while driving, or it pops up on our computer screen while searching the Web, or we turn into one while scanning through our favorite magazine. There are multiple tactics used to draw one's attention to a product. Let's take a feminine product such as anti-aging cream into consideration. To create a desire for its product, the Shiseido Total Protective Cream advertisement in an issue of SELF magazine exploits its tactics through luring images, promising words, and serene colors.

The luring images in this ad do its part to construct a yearning for its creation. Melissa Reardon, an employed nurse and mother of 3, briefly stated her initial thoughts after viewing the advertisement, "The first thing that attracted me to this ad was the women's overall beauty! Everything about her is perfect - her hair and skin are flawless!" Reardon's response to this picture is an undercover need for attention.

Although this announcement is to represent a facial cream, it gives the suggestion that this cream will do more than rejuvenate one's face; it should also help to grow and liven one's hair as well! Cruz adds, "If this cream will make me more beautiful as her than I'll buy it!" "This desire to exhibit ourselves in such a way as to make others look at us is a primitive, insuppressible instinct", says Fowles (8).

Secondly, the advertisement uses promising words in order to fashion its product. Knowing the audience was going to be of middle-aged and older women, (wives and particularly mothers), the people...