Immortals throughout "The Odyssey"

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Persistence is defined as the ability to never give up or let go, to be insistently continuous. "The Odyssey" shows an infamous man of admirable exploits, who endured an immense journey full great hardships and troubles while trying so hard to reach his homeland of Ithaca, his persistence shining above all. Homer displays the incessant lust the great Odysseus has to reach home and his beloved family. From battling in the horrid Trojan War to achieving peace in Ithaca, Odysseus always came out on top in the end. But the secret to Odysseus' victories lies above the clouds, far into the deep, blue sky. In "The Odyssey", Homer illustrates a great hero enduring a journey dominated by the immortal gods, proving Odysseus was never alone. Though his legendary trials and tribulations are unforgettable, there was always the immortal gods who either assisted him along his way or delayed him from ever reaching his land.

Homer shows the importance of the gods and how loyal Odysseus is to them, which enriches the text by giving a sense of the Greek culture. It is shown how the gods have the final power and how these immortals use that to either help or hinder Odysseus' journey.

Above all, Athena helps Odysseus accomplish his journey the most by acting as an intercessor as well as a protector and support. Homer always shows Athena in the background assisting and reassuring Odysseus, giving him that extra courage. For without Athena confronting Zeus and bringing up the issue of Odysseus, he would probably be still stuck helplessly on Calypso's island. From the beginning, Athena was always there to watch over and guard the great Odysseus. Athena helped Odysseus resolve his difficulties towards the end of this epic poem...