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My head aches. I try to open my eyes, blackness. Are my eyes open? They feel open. The darkness that surrounds me is thick and heavy. Am I blind? I attempt to rub my eyes with the hope of restoring my vision. I cannot move my arms. Come to think of it I cannot tell if I am standing or lying. Surrounded by the darkness I cannot move. Where am I? How did I get here? Try to remember.

My eyes open with a jolt. My bedside table is in front of me. On the corner of the table a digital clock radio is beeping loudly: 8:00am. I smile as I feel movement behind me. Josh's arm reaches over me and clumsily searches for the off button to the alarm. Silence. Josh's arm is now draped over me. He snuggles into my back in an almost comical way. His breath is warm on my neck.

"Good morning", he whispers. I feel the soft touch of his lips on my neck. I turn to face him.

"Morning", the word was said so quietly it barely escaped my lips. Our lips touch for a moment then my eyes are lost in his. Staring into Josh's eyes I do not blink for the fear of losing this sight. My eyes close, one blink and the moment is over.

"Time to get up", I say before rolling over and swinging my legs out of the bed.

Josh playfully grabs me and pulls me back into the bed. As I fall backwards I look around the room, it still seems so new although we moved in over six months ago.

The struggle lasts only a few minutes, I manage to escape Josh's grip. I walk to the door and turn back to see Josh still...