The Impact of Advertisement on Gun Control

Essay by dailydream04 July 2004

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When looking at an advertisement of a doll with a bullet hole in her forehead, I was immediately struck with a feeling of sadness for the brutality the picture represents. It was disturbing to see such cruelty. The advertisement emphasizes innocence and shows how violence destroys.

Through the picture of the doll, the advertisement gives the reader the impression of an innocent baby. The color pink is usually associated with innocence. By using pink on her dress and her lips, the advertisement is emphasizing innocence to its viewers. Her crystal blue eyes are widely open, symbolizing her naïveness. Her little smile is welcoming and trusts everyone. She is innocent to the world and everything in it. She trusts everyone, not understanding the danger around her.

Violence is one of the main themes of the advertisement. It is represented by the bullet hole in the doll's forehead. The advertisement chooses a baby girl because they are usually seen as weaker and more

likely to be a target of violence than a baby boy is.

The picture stimulates our cultural desire to protect girls. The positioning of the photo itself shows the loss of innocence. The picture is taken at an angle of 45 degrees, similar to that of a picture taken at a crime scene. Also, the bottom half of her body is cut off, just as the bullet cut off her life. Her eyes are made to show no real emotion except happiness, showing how suddenly her life was taken. This leads the viewers to feel sympathy for the child and anger against guns.

The words on the ad also get the viewer's attention. They are all in bold face and a formal font, something that is usually seen in documents or official writing. This conveys a sense of...