Impact Of Age Cohorts On Music Consumption

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I. Introduction.

The assignment of music consumption became the culmination of interesting and challenging work of understanding consumer behaviour. Following the laws of research, we used both primary and secondary data. Primary data included 4 in-depth one hour interviews with people of 26, 28, 30 and 34 years old in Generation X group, 4 in-depth interviews with people of 40, ~ 46, ~49 and ~ 55. We really enjoyed this work because we learnt along the way improvising within the structure. We sent out questionnaires to 55 respondents and received 21 answers. Our friends took their time in answering quite difficult trait scale and the questions about their music preferences. We decoded interviews by writing down the answers and interpreting them and we decoded the questionnaires by compiling the table with all the scores, which gave us a chance to use graphs to better trace the correlation. We also broadly used a secondary data like articles in Internet, consumer research magazines and books.

By asking respondents to fill out traits list, we wanted to see how self-concept influences people's preferences in music. Moreover, questionnaires and interviews gave us a lot of information about connection between different traits, and needs, feelings and music preferences. As a base we used theories of consumer behaviour like tri-component attitude model, cognitive theory, self-concept theory. For example, our in-depth interviews consist of three clusters of questions: 1. Cognitive component (knowledge, education, understanding of music), 2. affective component (feelings and emotions evoked by different types of music), 3. conative component (various ways of consuming music).

4. We also added image concept by offering an open-ended question: "Do you agree or not with the phrase - tell me what music you listen to and I will tell you who you are and why."� It could be extremely...