The impact, challenge and solution of information management in virtual organization

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In today's competitive global business, companies need to find new way of management to improve value of their products, save costs and increase the efficient of work. The appearance of virtual organization is appropriate the demand of modern society and information has been considered as a foundation for an organization. When corporations gain enormous profit from the new economic situation, simultaneously, more new problems and potential pitfalls is being presented which bring new impact and challenge for companies. In this report, it will analyze the new economic situation of information management for virtual organization and give some significant solution.



4Introduction �

5The definition of virtual organization �

5Impact of information management for virtual organizations �

6Transfer information into useful and usable knowledge. �

7Identity management and data security �

8Significance of leadership �

11The Challenges in Virtual Organization Adopting Information Management �

11Face to Face Interaction and Communication �

12Managing Team Members and Controlling Employees �

12Trust issue in virtual organization �

13Skill training in virtual organization �

14Age gap in virtual organization �

14The security of information management �

15Information format standards �

16Semantic amphibology �

16Responsibility for the information management �

18Solutions of Information Management for a Virtual Organization �

18Trust �

20E-collaboration technologies �

22Strategies and policies of information security �

25Conclusion �

26Reference �

� �


Information has been considered as a foundation for almost all assets in an organization.

(McHugh et al., 1995) The issue of managing information (IM) has attracted so many general managers' attention. Furthermore, information management is a method or driving force behind the change from traditional business to e-business (virtual organization). Although some companies have successfully transferred from traditional business to virtual organizations, there are also some challenges existing not only in organization internal environment...